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Tiny House – Site Cabin & Office

Transportable Tiny House – Site Home & Office 

Made from Recycled & Salvaged Materials

Our personal home and office, currently consists of a tiny home that is re-located from site to site.

Designed to fit on the back of a HINO 4×4, the house consists of a small 3.5 x 2.5 living space with extra bed loft.

Most of the materials used for this project were salvaged from previous builds as off-cuts or items that would have been otherwise discarded.

The exterior cladding consists of recycled merbau decking that has been ripped to form horizontal shiplap weatherboards. A 1000L water tank sits on the front of the home which also provides for a hanging herb garden. Exterior windows and doors have been oiled with a plant-based oil, as has the timber interior lining and flooring.

The interior lining, timber flooring and loft lining consists of second hand flooring and off cuts. Decking off-cuts have been used to make ceiling tiles in the living space and old powerline insulators have been used as light fittings. An old timber off-cut forms a bench seat and office area, and the kitchen sink was salvaged from a previous renovation. The Blackbutt shelving in the kitchen has recessed LED light strips as does the custom made Blackbutt back-rest in the loft space, with dim-able lighting.

The house has a solar system (1.6kW of panels with 4kWh of usable battery storage & a Victron 3000W Easy Solar Inverter-Charger), and powers a washing machine, vitamix, computer, fridge, toaster, kettle & electric cooktop. It also powers any power tools used on site, with a back-up generator occasionally used to boost battery storage during cloudy periods.

A second-hand combustion stove provides for heating and cooking during winter, as well as heating hot water with a custom-made, stainless steel, flue water jacket. It also heats a hydronic heating panel in the loft to provide for further heating during cold winter nights. Exposed copper pipe allows for an excess heat dump. During summer an electric cooktop is used for cooking, and an electric boost function is used to heat hot water.

All windows and doors are double-glazed and will be further protected with insulated honeycomb blinds and the exterior walls & roof have been insulated with recycled polyester insulation. The roofing metal is also second hand.

Further works to still be completed include: fold out decks on either side, awning roof over entry door area, shower screen for outdoor shower, whitewashed interior cupboard doors, further interior shelving and drawers & further insulation of underfloor areas.

The house is currently placed on and off the truck by manual jacks, which will be replaced with an automatic version.

Design – Creations In Parallel

Build – Creations In Parallel