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Straw Bale Building – Victoria (Wenselydale) – Creations In Parallel Design

135 Casboults Road, Wensleydale, Victoria 

New Build, Straw Bale, Recycled & Natural Materials.

This straw bale home has a small footprint (120 sq metres) plus verandahs and paving. The home has a simple design based around passive solar gain and meets BAL 29 requirements.

The layout consists of two bedrooms (each with robe and desk area), a dining and living area, kitchen, bathroom, European style laundry, study/desk nook and mud room.

The house is initially grid-connect with provision for installation of a solar system at a later date & includes a solar hot water system.

The home is heated via a combustion stove which is also used to boost the solar hot water in winter as well as a means of cooking. An additional stove top provides an alternative in summer for cooking.

The home is cooled passively with lots of north-south ventilation, with ceiling fans and hopper sash highlight windows to the north to assist with heat ventilation. Double glazed windows are shaded with adequate eave protection and a vine covered pergola is on the northern aspect to protect windows during summer.

External walls are straw bale with locally sourced straw. Walls have been rendered with earth render internally & lime render externally. Recycled materials, natural timbers & simple joinery have been used throughout.

A recycled brick floor-to-ceiling wall encloses the hearth area behind the combustion stove  to provide a thermal mass heat sink during winter as well as an extra feature.

Waste is treated via a septic system and water is provided by collected tank water.

The owners are developing permaculture systems and gardens.

Design – Creations In Parallel

Build – Creations In Parallel with some additional works by the owners

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