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Tiny House For Sale


Designed & Built by Registered Builder (Creations In Parallel – Sustainable Building & Design).

We are regrettably selling our much-loved tiny house as it no longer suits our growing family. This tiny house was built so that we could travel around Victoria while building sustainable homes in rural/regional areas as part of our business.

The house is completely Off-Grid/Stand Alone with a large enough solar system (and high quality inverter and battery storage) to power a full range of appliances (not all at once) including washing machine, Vitamix blender, electric cooktop, toaster, kettle, computer, fridge, lighting and split system heating/cooling unit. The solar system on the house has even been used to power tools while building new homes in rural areas, and also has provision for backup generator input if needed.

Built from a mix of new and recycled timbers, the house comprises of a bed loft area (larger than king size) with timber access ladder, bespoke timber joinery, desk/dining space and kitchen space.

There is adequate storage with overhead shelving, under bench cupboards and pantry drwaer, basket storage spaces, desk cupboard and pigeon hole areas, and under seat storage. LED strip lighting throughout plus a custom-made ‘chandelier’ provide a warm feel.

The house is heated with a wood stove in winter that also heats hot water and provides an additional cooking option, but also has a split system that can be used for heating in winter (and AC in summer). It is easy to heat the space with only a small amount of wood and as it is well insulated it stays warm overnight. Wall insulation, under floor and loft floor insulation, insulated blinds and double-glazed windows mean that the air-conditioner keeps the house cool even during very hot summers.

There are two decks which can be removed for transport. The deck on the entry side also forms part of the bathroom/shower area with Japanese-style screens (also removable) and a hot & cold shower.

A water tank provides permanent water storage with provision for mains water connection if available.

The house was designed to fit on to the back of a truck for transport (with the loft over the cab), but can also be transported by crane and truck. Hand-wound jacks mean the house can be lowered to any desired height. There is also provision for the jacks to be removed if the house is placed on permanent footings.

With a complete off-grid setup, this house is extremely liveable and comfortable for full-time living, but would also make a unique Air Bnb or guesthouse.


SIZE: 5.4m x 2.5m (external dimensions including bedloft)

Wood Heater 

  • Heats hot water
  • Cooking space on top 
  • Stainless steel flue water jacket  
  • External flu removable for transport

Fire Screen Joinery

  • Timber drying rack 

Exterior Cladding

  • Recycled merbau decking boards repurposed for shiplap cladding

Decks (2)

  • Recycled merbau decking boards
  • Removable for transport

Hot Water Service

  • 125L Tank
  • Electric boost for when the sun is shining
  • Heated by wood stove in winter


  • Hand wound jacks each rated to 3500kg
  • Removable if footings were poured for permanent placement of tiny house
  • Tiny house can be lowered completely to ground level if desired

Solar System

  • Photovoltaic array 2.5kW
  • Victron Easy Solar Inverter 3kW (2.4kW continuous) with generator input plug on exterior of building
  • Batteries (4 x 280Ah 12V Eclipse AGM Deep Cycle) to give 4kWH of usable power to 30% discharge
  • User Interface & Display mounted on inside of tiny house
  • Solar panels foldable for transport

Water Tank/Connections

  • 1000L slim line water tank
  • 240V Flow Jet water pump
  • 24L expansion tank to minimise pump activation
  • Connections under house to fill tank with mains water if available
  • 240V water pump can be switched off and bypassed if mains water is available, using existing plumbing
  • Internal tap over water filter space

Bed Loft

  • Blackbutt timber access ladder
  • Blackbutt head board with two back rests fashioned into it
  • 2 x King Single Mattresses

Windows & Entry Door

  • Double-glazed Vic Ash with Aluminium mesh fly screens


  • Karri Panel

Interior Cladding & Flooring

  • Recyled Vic Ash Flooring used on both floor and walls
  • Ceiling Lining tiles created using Blackbutt 130mm x 19mm decking off-cuts


  • Hand-made ‘chandelier’ using recycled telephone line insulators
  • Extensive use of LED strip lighting (2 x kitchen on separate switches & 3 x bed loft (2 as reading lights) – all on push button dimmer switches)
  • Main loft LED 2 x way switched from access ladder
  • Other switches under head board of bed which also contains 2 x USB2.0 Points for device charging
  • 2 x mini-spots over dining/desk

Desk/Living Space

  • Foldable Desk
  • Recycled timber bench seat

Washing Machine 

  • Hot and cold plumbing for washing machine
  • Space beside entry door

Bathroom/Shower Area

  • Japanese style screens made from Blackbutt & Polycarboate with solar panel roof over
  • Bathroom walls removable for transport
  • External water tap outlet
  • Hot & Cold shower
  • Adjustable height shower rose


  • Split System AC & Heating Unit

Washing Line

  • Provision for washing line over north facing deck

Fire Safety

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Blanket
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm


  • Portable chemical toilet stowage area


  • Insulated honeycomb blinds on all windows and door
  • Wall & floor insulation

Recommendation for Permanent Off-Grid Use:

  • Additional custom rectangular water tank from Kingspan Tanks added to under loft area to add 5000L of water storage

Not included: (washing machine, fridge, chemical toilet, appliances)