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Creations in Parallel – Sustainable Building & Design

Our focus is on sustainable design and building practices that minimise environmental impacts as much as possible, incorporating creative designs and providing high quality homes.

We aim to include as many sustainable design aspects into our homes as possible, while working to each client’s budget and aspirations as well as providing advice throughout the design process, to assist clients with creating a sustainable and functional home.

The aim of our designs include aspects such as natural materials, recycled materials, sustainable timbers and alternative means of heating and cooling. Passive designs, site orientation and well thought-out planning aim to provide spaces that require minimal additional energy input.

Builds may include aspects such as rammed earth, straw bale, stone, alternative claddings, attached green houses, and natural renders and finishes. Waste treatment alternatives, product life cycle analysis and low toxicity options are also areas we like to address.

We like to make use of new technologies and products that are aimed at improving energy efficiency and sustainability. We aim to increase self-sufficient living and can provide designs for off-grid lifestyles, sustainable city-living or retro-fitting of existing homes.

We are happy to build using a range of materials and designs and to assist with renovations and additions as well as new builds. Structural landscaping and design services are also available.

We are currently based in Victoria – Australia. However we are happy consider projects in any location.

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