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Straw Bale Building – Victoria (Timboon) – Creations In Parallel Design

209 Timboon-Curdievale Road, Timboon, Victoria (Current Project).

New Build, Straw Bale, Off-Grid, Recycled and Natural Materials, Sustainable Timbers

This home is part of the Greenhood Organic Farm Community in Timboon. A venture recently started, where owners buy land with the intent to grow organic herbs on a commercial scale – with all herbs grown purchased by the parent company.

The home is part of a larger development planned for the property including food forests, permaculture, orchards, kitchen gardens and the farming development for herb growing.

The home is around 148 sq metres and includes 3 bedrooms, a study, bathroom, kitchen, living and dining and laundry with a mud-room area for access. The home features straw bale walls, large windows to the north, pergola and paving to the north area, feature walls, recycled and natural materials, and natural timbers.

The home will be run by a full solar system but will be grid-connect as well to ensure enough power is available for farm requirements. Solar hot water will be combined with a combustion stove that will also be used for cooking and heating.

A worm farm system will treat all waste from the home, rather than the need for a septic.

Large water tanks will supply all water for the home and kitchen gardens. A garage/workshop and herb drying shed are also part of the development.

Design: Owner & Creations In Parallel

Build: Creations In Parallel